-Week 49 PHOTOS- rudder, centerboard installation, masts arrive!

The rudder with some fresh bottom paint.

Here are the chain plate bases with a teak pad underneath.

Brendan opens up the holes for the chain plate rods.

Theres the rod sticking up without the base on it.

The stuffing box for the tiller attachment.

The final installation of the centerboard.

I went around a filled in some deck caulking, like this aft section.

And these spots with tape and wax paper over them.

Here is where the centerboard pennant comes through the cabin sole.

A custom made exhaust pipe for the engine.

Alfie made this tiller out of black locust with a heavy duty bronze fitting.

A simple sapele plywood base for the head with bolts set in with g-flex.

Its friday and the mizzen mast and booms arrive!

Here I am holding up the mizzen boom for scale.

Alfie designed in a angelique head for the mizzen mast for strength.

The Last Shot of The Week. Here is the mizzen mast center, boom to the left, and main boom to the right.

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