-Week 47 & 48 PHOTOS- two weeks, many photos-

Dave's beautiful work on the rudder.

The finished companionway ladder.

Here it is getting installed in the boat.

Here is the rough centerboard laminated with Ipe that Brad is building.

Dave closes the door on the rudder and prepares to clamp it shut.

A little shim I built for the bow cap rail.

The first coat of Cetol on the Locust rub rails.

The decks get covered with heavy construction paper before the finishing process so that nothing gets spilt on the teak.

A quick shot of the MC-30 poster that I designed for PBW to bring up to the Maine Boats and Home show last month.

Here are the companion way hatches with stain and cetol.

Meg shows us how to stain the mahogany.

Here is the mahogany with the stain on, before cetol.

Drew begins to apply cetol to the mahogany.

After Oliver and I take a week of for a cruise on the IMPALA, we return to an empty shop.

And a beautiful looking boat on the railway:

While we were gone, the topsides were finished, all brightwork as well.

The water ways were painted.

And the coach house roof as well.

My first project upon returning was adding deadwood to the section of lead ballast that was removed to save weight.

The rudder installed and sealed with epoxy.

Here I begin to kerf cut the deadwood.

And chisel it out.

Here is Brad's rudder, covered in a clear coat of epoxy.

The deadwood installed and sealed with epoxy.

Oliver worked on making the stanchion base blocks and here he installs them with natural bedding compound.

The Last Shot of The Week, the centerboard is finished and painted with E-paint bottom paint.

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David Browne said...

I'm curious about the "natural bedding compound" you use. Can you tell us more about it?

You have done absolutely gorgeous work. Thank you for sharing such detail.