MAGIC 30 Time Lapse Project

The Magic Class 30 Time Lapse Video Project. Check back for updates!

updated 7/26/09


Sandra said...

Hi Conner,

Your time lapse is FANTASTIC!!!
The whole web site is terrific. You
are doing an amazing job!!! Cannot wait to come back for another visit!!!! Love having the people showing and the music is great too!! Cary Hazelgrove better watch out.
Give our love to Amelia when you talk
to her and lots to you tooxsandi and

Sandi said...

Hi Conner,
it's me again. Everything is looking great. Can hardly
wait to see it in person!!! You all are doing a terrific
job!!! It is magical to watch.xsandi

Sandi said...

Hi Conner.
So amazing to see the cold moulding starting. Hope
to get over right after Thanksgiving to see it in person. You all are doing such a terrific job!! Will be
fun to have Oliver there too soon. Cannot believe how
far along you are!!! You all are an amazing team!!
much love, sandi

Sandra said...

Hi Conner,
Have not checked in for awhile as I was all wrapped
up in getting ready for Christmas. Just checked the
site-it said the movie was not available. Is it offline
for some reason? Am just anxious to see how every-
thing looks right now. Happy 2009!!!!! Cannot be-
lieve we are actually in the year when the Starry Night
will be ready to sail thanks to all of you and your
hard work. It is so exciting. I will check back . Hope-
fully you are just updating it.xto you and Oliver!sandi

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Hi Conner,
Wow!!! Have gotten behind-this is fantastic-now
can hardly wait to see the boat being turned over!!!
What a fantastic article in the Cape Cod Times today.
Hope to see you soon-say hi to Oliver and Jerry for
me.!!!! You all have done just an amazing job. It really
looks beautiful in your time lapse and some of the
pictures Alfie has brought back. Will see it in person very soon I hope.xsandi

Sandra said...

Hi Conner and Oliver-FANTASTIC!!!!! So great to see
the painting of the boat and now having it turned
over!!! Was great to see you both last weekend!!! That
was a lot of fun!! Hope to be back soon. Happy
Valentine's Day to everyone at Pease Boatyard!!! Hope
you both are getting a break to see your Valentines.
Alfie and I send lots of love-you are doing an incred-
ible job. Just love watching this-and the music is
terrific too!!!It is blowing about 55 here tonite-must
be there too!!!

Sandra said...

Hi Conner and Oliver,
It's me again!!! This looks great!!!!!! Cannot wait
to see the boat and both of you this weekend!!!
Hope you are feeling strong and hungry!!!!!xsandi

Aldo said...

Wow, amazing. It really fast. I’m very impressed on how you built the boat in your small workshop. I wonder if you have another project to build after this one…

Graham said...

I also strongly agree with Aldo, with just a few months you can complete the project the ship. I salute you very quickly to complete this project. Congratulations on the success of your project.