-WEEK 2 Write Up - Making Stringers and Keelson

A lot has been done this week, although there is not much imagery to show for it.  Although we havent added much to the overall molds that we have set up now, we spent the week preparing to attach the stringers, sheer clamp, and now we are beginning to set up the keelson, stem, and horn timber.

At the beginning of the week, a new mold had to be added to the strongback, which I traced out onto plywood from Alfie's drawings and cut out with a jigsaw.  When this was added, more bracing was attached to the strongback and everything was re-leveled, plumed, and aligned.  

The rest of the week mainly consisted of working with fir.  Brendan and I went from 2x12x20 boards of rough sawn fir to 1x3x20.  Then, very careful scarphs were cut into them at a 10x1 ratio (in this case that would be a 10 inch scarph) but at the pointy end a 16th of an inch was left as a nub so that we could chisel in at the fat end  a 16th and fit them together to create a beautiful straight glue line when put together.  A lot of work needed to be done before gluing, however.  We ripped and planed them over and over again to get the perfect dimensions and smoothness.  Then, we were able to glue up 5 at a time, per day.  With ten to make, it took two days.  Now, we have ten, twenty foot fir stringers ready to be attached.  

Today was my final day of finish sanding the fir stringers.  Meanwhile, Brendan was tracing and cutting the molds for the keelson.  In the afternoon, we connected the scarphs and clamped them together.  This is made out of Sapelli plywood, the highest quality.  Two 3/4 inch thick molds were glued ontop of each other and are being held down overnight with around 40 clamps.  

Tomorrow, Aflie arrives with an additional camera, so I will be able to upload images of all these things I am explaining, but not showing.  Check back Wednesday for images of the Fir stringers and the Keelson!

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