- WEEK 44 PHOTOS- Ballast work, rub rails, etc

Dave removes the centerboard trunk to take measurements and make a jig for fitting the lead ballast.

this is what the bilge looks like without the center board trunk.

Brendan hands off the Locust rub rails to Oliver and I to put in some heavy hand sanding with 40 grit.

Dave shapes the lead ballast.

And begins drilling some keel bolt holes.

Here is the scarph for the mahogany cap rails.

Dave drilling the centerboard pin hole.

A detail of the hole through to the other side.

Cap rails glued up and ready to sand.

The sanded finish.

In preperation for the locust rub rails, oliver mixes up a batch of natural bedding compound.

Here, we have begun to fasten the locust rub rails in place.

With the bedding compound cleaned and bungs in place, it looks pretty nice.

Brendan works on installing the bronze bow chocks and bow fitting.

Another view.

The Last Shot of The Week. Brendan cleans up the glue from the bow section.


Tom said...

I am sure that it needs difficult process to finish the project. It also needs skilled worker to finish it. It is great work.

Edmund said...

How long it will takes for you guys to finish this boat? It’s very interesting to know that you built this boat with the help of few people. I hope when you finished, you can post the picture.

Pierre said...

Wow, seems this will to be a very great ship and good. I like with the design that you create for this ship. Images that you post on this blog show that this simple but I'm sure, boat building is certainly very complicated and spends your time. How long did you make this ship?