- Week 45 & 46 PHOTOS- making the companionway hatch, cap rails.

Here, you can see the two 'dutchmens' that I added of Teak inbetween the teak decking and the bulwarks.

Brendan's beautiful work on the sliding companionway hatch.

Brendan fits the lid for the hatch.

Here are the details of the hatch.

a box of shiny new winches showed up this week.

And brendan began coating the companionway hatch

The mahogany boards that I turn into some sawn cap rail sections for the curvature back aft.

Here they are traced, cut and fitted before any scarphs or shaping.

The final product, clamped and glued.

A detail of the middle scarph joint.

Installing the cap rails, Brendan flexes in the scarph on the full length rail into the aft section that I made.

A detail of the cap rail at the bow.

This is where the full length cap rail joins the aft section. Notice the bedding compound on the left, no glue for these.

The aft section rounded over and bunged.

nearly 100 bungs for the cap rails were put in on Thursday.

Brendan uses a little bit of G-flex to hold the bow pieces together.

The Last Shot of The Week. A detail of on the the aft sections I built.

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Sandra said...

The boat looks FANTASTIC!!!!! You all have done such
an incredible job!!! Every facet is beautiful!!! Getting
pretty close to launch time!!!!! Great,great,great job!!!