PHOTOS - more frames and the first planks!

This shot was taken right after we clamped the last frame.  Now, the boat is covered in roughly 40 frames.

Alfie stops in for a visit to see all of the frames on and the majority of the clamps off.

Brendan fits on the first plank to see how it will take shape bending around the boat.

Zoomed in on the first plank being fitted on before any glue is applied.

Mike Pease takes advantage of our progress and opens the large barn doors to snap a shot for the Pease Boatworks Website

Here i am nailing on my first plank!  Drew shares my excitement with a thumbs up!

A detail of the nail orientation.  Bronze nails are used and staggered like the screws holding the stringers on.

Taking a step back from the first plank on and nailed in.  Very cool.

Drew is lathering up the grooved edge of the first plank on the chine with thickened epoxy.  The tongued edge of the joining plank is also lathered, then put in place.

Ariel shot of the first four planks on.  Dave cleans up some of the G-Flex and Epoxy.

The last shot of the week.  Here you see two cedar planks on the STBD side of the boat.  To port, there are two planks on as well.  Soon, no more frames, stringers, or molds will be visible, only beautiful cedar planks.

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