-Week 6 Write Up- Planking All Week

This weeks summary is fairly simple.  We worked on installing cedar planks all week.  At the beginning of the week, we had two planks on either side, starting at the chine.  From there, we worked down (or up considering the boat is upside-down), installing planks at a rate of about five per day for the first day, and once we got into a nice rhythm, we had eight one per day.

Each plank gets roughly forty-seven bronze nails driven into them, multiplied by around eighty planks, thats nearly 3,760 nails.  We are using the special G-Flex epoxy where the planks meet the oak, and regular mixing epoxy where it doesn't.  

By Thursday, we had planked all the way to the shear and Brendan began vertically planking the stern.  Drew and I set up staging around the STBD side of the boat to work higher up on the planks going towards the keelson.  Drew also constructed a T-table on top of the keelson to store the planks.  Now, we can access them from either side of the boat, and they wont be in our way to set up staging.  By the end of the day Friday, Drew, Brendan, and I got three planks on below the chine (remember the boat is upside-down).  We estimate all the planks will be on by the end of next week.  

*UPDATE* week 6 clip is up!

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