- Week 5 Write Up - Finishing the frames and putting on the first planks

The week started out by removing the frames we had installed last week that had hardened over the weekend so that we could glue them and then re screw them into the stringers.  Once all the frames that had hardened over the weekend were glued, we still had some more frames to bend on.  Then after they set over night, we were able to glue and re attach them until all forty plus frames were on and glued.  

Drew and I brought all of the cedar planks down from upstairs.  The longest of these boards are 46 feet and were stacked next to the boat downstairs.  The 26 largest with the tapers cut into them were separated from the rest easier access.  But before we attach the cedar planks, we applied two coats of epoxy penetrating agent to the fir stringers.  This material is the consistency of water and applies easily and will penetrate the wood and protect it from rot.  Its important to put it on at this stage because once the planks are on, there will be limited to no access to the front side of the stringers.  The penetrating agent smells awful and is called Weasel Piss around the yard; respirators are needed.  

Once all the stringers were coated and all the frames were glued and re attached, we were ready to fair the frames to accompany the planks.  Of course, we want the boat to look fair, but all planks wont necessarily rest flat on the frames due to the curve of the hull, so Drew and I went around the entire boat with an eight foot test plank of cedar and laid it on the frames to see where the plank would lay up flat or not.  Most of the boat was actually extremely fair, but some frames needed a little sanding here and there.  Then the entire boat was vacuumed to remove dust.

On friday we put up the first planks!  First, the planks are dry fitted to the hull, and we started with the chine or the area of the boat where the bottom hull meets the side hull and creates a sharp bend.  Once satisfied with the shape of the plank, it was marked on the frames and the plank itself so we could lather with G-Flex.  Then, Drew and I went around pre-drilling then setting in two bronze nails to each frame.  The squeeze out from the glue was scraped off and wiped clean with a denatured alcohol rag.  Its really important to do a good clean up, because these are areas that will be very difficult to reach once all the planks are on, especially the backside.  

After the first plank, we start using a combination of G-Flex and regular thickened epoxy glue to attach the rest.  The epoxy is lathered on the tounge and grooves and the G-Flex where the plank touches oak.  By 5PM on friday, we had two planks attached, glued, and nailed on each side of the boat and wiped down clean.  By the end of the next week, all our work previously will be hidden under a beautiful shell of clear cedar.

*UPDATED* week 5 clip is up!

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