-PHOTOS- A week full of planking!

Here is a new drawing by Alfie.  It shows the accommodations down below.

The beginning of the week.  We start with the chine, then work down (or up if you consider the boat being upside down).  When we got into our rhythm, we could get eight planks on in one day.

A nice view of the curvature.  You can start to see how the chine will look towards the stern.

Here you can see where the plank ends run off the stern.  The stern will be planked with cedar as well, only vertically.

Beautiful looking cedar planks.  There are about forty-seven bronze nails in each plank.  Times eighty planks, that is about 3,700 nails.

The result of a couple days of planking with epoxy and G-Flex.  These were used over again until they became unusable.  Notice we even recycle old yogurt containers!

Woah planks!  Now there are twenty-eight planks on, fourteen for each side.  Only Fifty-two more to go!

Brendan fits on the shear clamp plank, this one does not go the whole length of the boat.

The beautiful strip planked stern that Brendan worked on the last couple of days.  This too will be layered with cold molded sheathing.

Brendan fits in one of the last stern planks.

Drew constructs a T frame along the keelson to stack the rest of the cedar planks.

With the planks resting on top of the boat, we will be able to access them from either side.  

The Last Shot Of The Week.  Brendan and Dave step back to admire the shape the boat is beginning to take.


Sandra said...

Hi Conner, It is me again. These
are just fantastic and your journal is terrific. Brendon seems to be doing a great job along with your good help and Drew as well. What a team. Oliver is missing some amazing
things but am sure there is much more
to come. You should be so proud of
what you are contributing and learning. You sound like a real pro!!! Stay warm-freezing here today.xsandi

Zane said...

It was the process of making boat, wasn't it? I think it was complicated to make. It was good work.