-WEEK 17 PHOTOS- Applying clear epoxy to the hull, More fairing

We built a tarp of plastic over and around the boat to help contain the heat in the area.  There is also 3 space heaters under the hull to help the epoxy set off.

The hull very nearly faired and before the first layer of clear epoxy is spread.

One of the first coatings of clear epoxy.  Eventually, there will be 6-8 layers rolled on.

The hull shines and reflects the plastic tarp from above. A  fan is used to blow hot air from the wood stove towards the boat to help set off the glue.

Another clear coat of epoxy is rolled onto the hull.  

Drew, Oliver and I worked on constructing a jig to shape the laminated deck beams.

Last Shot Of The Week.  Brendan applies another coat of clear epoxy to the hull.


Amelias said...

What a beautiful tortoise-shell coating. That last picture with Oliver measuring looks like a snapshot at space camp. Tomorrow's the flipping day!!

Stow Away said...

thanks amelia! however, that is Brendan in the last photo and he's rolling on a clear coat of epoxy!

clear epoxy said...

clean application of the clear epoxy. really nice job!