-WEEK 17 Write up- Building a jig for the deck laminates, more fairing and applying clear epoxy

Early in the week, we set up a large plastic tarp over and around the boat to help trap the heat in the area to encourage the epoxy to set up faster.  There are also three space heaters under the hull as well as a large fan handing from the ceiling above the wood stove sucking in the hot air and blowing it through a tube and under the hull.

In the mornings, we would fair the previous days fairing compound and in the afternoon, we would apply as many coats of clear epoxy on the hull using paint rollers.  This will add a nice strong outer shell to the hull and give a little more protection to the wood.  Some fairing compound is still being added to very small areas where lows have been found, but they are now far and few between.

Later in the week, we began to build a jig which we will use as a template to bend the laminates that will later be used for deck beams.  

Also, we have a flipping date of this coming Thursday, and we plan on striking the waterline and applying bottom paint on monday, so next week should be an exciting one!

Sorry, no time lapse this week because of the plastic tarp covering the boat all week.

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