-WEEK 16 PHOTOS- January 2009 a week of fairing and filling

A detail of the laminated stem shoe which is Angelique wood, before it gets covered in fairing compound.

Dave helps Drew shape the laminated Angelique skeg shoe before we begin coating with fairing compound.

The last of the bare wood shows through as we move along, coating the boat in fairing compound.

Entirely covered in purple fairing compound.

Brendan, Mike, and Dave look on as Alfie explains some details about the interior.

A detail of Alfie's interior model.  This is all done to scale and will help us visualize what we will be doing next: building the interior.

Oliver rests briefly in between sanding.

Wednesday afternoon after 16 hours of board filing the purple fairing compound.

Heres the boat Wednesday night after an entire day of board filing.  Fairing compound was spread onto the low spots.  This may look like we have a lot of lows, but we are being extremely fussy here...

After weeks of fairing, filling, and fairing, its finally time to use a batten to see how close we are.  Still some lows to fill, and we are being very picky...

Here is the boat nearly completely fair.  After this, Brendan and Dave will skreet on more fairing compound to the low spots.  This should be the last time.

The Last Shot of The Week.  Brendan and Dave apply more purple fairing compound to the hull.

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