- Week 18 PHOTOS - Painting the hull and flipping her over

Using a laser level, Brendan was able to tape off the waterline in preparation for painting the hull.

Putting on the green E-paint bottom paint.

Drew begins applying the Awlgrip primer.

The finished bottom paint, boot stripe and primer on the topsides.

Here is the hull painted, on rollers, and ready to flip.   I think you'd agree that she's really looking nice here.

A detail of the rolling logs.  With these, we could easily move the boat by hand.

She was pulled out of the shop atop rolling logs and ramped down in the bow on the board in the foreground with a floor jack on wheels.

This was as far as we could roll her out of the shop...and plenty of room for the crane to work its magic.

She moves!

The MC-30 rests in the slings.  As the port side is raised and the starboard side is lowered, the boat easily flips around.

It took the crane operator a couple of adjustments in order to sneak the MC-30 back into the shop.

The boat is rested on the ground so the crane can adjust the straps.

Resting on jack stands and blocking underneath. 

The MC-30 snug in her shop after some notable crane work by Baxter Cranes.

Drew is the first at the tiller of the MC-30

Master builder Brendan sits silhouetted in front of the MC-30, and admires everyones beautiful work.

Here is the bow of the boat, showing the sheer clamp, stringers, and cedar planking inside.

Last Shot of The Week.  With the hull turned over and the molds removed, a whole new outlook on the project has begun.


Heriberto said...

It finished on 18 weeks? wow, you must have been finished it excellently. Now, I'm wondering how the ship was sailing in the water? It must be great.

Charles said...

wow....I thought it was a building or a pool...the painting process must have a very hard to do. It needs high accuracy so that the painting will be great.... It's a great thing knowing something that I never knew before... thanks..