-Week 32 PHOTOS- Fiddles, surface veneers, ceiling installed...

Drew prepares the ceiling planks for the final coat of varnish.

Oliver straightens a Teak board for the deck planks.

The product of a day and a half of milling out Teak for the deck.

The surfaces catch some sun as they dry with their second coat of sealant.  Note that the surfaces without a coating will be getting a 1/8" of mahogany veneer.

A simple jig I made to keep my drill bit straight and level when drilling the 1/2" holes through the chain plate blocking.

Drew and Oliver talk to dave after dry installing the first deck beam.

Here the 1/8" veneers are being clamped onto the surfaces to dry overnight.

Oliver and Drew shape the deck stringers to the sheer clamp.

Here are some of the Fiddles I spent friday making.

Here the fiddles are sanded down with 80, then 120 before being varnished.

The ceiling planks get installed and add a very nice touch to the already stunning interior.

Here are the ceiling planks opposite the picture above in the forepeak.

The Last Shot Of The Week.  The thru hull for the engine exhaust is drilled out.

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Paully said...

Wow, a lot of wood! That is some dedication and love for the wood. Really cool post.

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