-Week 32 Write Up- Fiddles, Deck Beam Installation, Ceiling, and more

This week was full of different activities around the boatyard.  With four coats of varnish on the ceiling planks, Brendan and Drew worked on Monday to install them in the boat, mostly above the areas where the bunks are, to keep things from rolling behind the stringers and into the bilge.  And boy do they look stunning.

While they were busy with that, Oliver and I had the task of taking the rough sawn teak that arrived and milling it down to 1 7/8" strips, 3/8" thick.  It took nearly two days, and when we were done, we had a huge bundle of teak strips, the yard smelled wonderfully of teak candy dust and the planer blades needed replacing.  

Next we applied two coats of a polyurethane sealant to the surfaces, sanding in between.  The surfaces which are getting an 1/8" veneer of mahogany were brought up stairs and the veneer stock was cut to size and laid out on the surfaces.  These veneers were glued on by Oliver and Drew later in the week and really look great.  The seams are barely visible, and this will add a nice and elegant touch to the interior.

I went around the boat and drilled 1/2" holes at each chain plate station.  I made a simply yet nifty jig to keep the drill bit level and square side to side which produced perfect holes each time.  After that, I was given the task of creating the surface Fiddles, or the pieces of Mahogany that will keep things from rolling of the tables.  A fairly difficult task for my skill level, but by the end of the day Friday, I felt pretty good about their outcome.

Also by the end of the day Friday, Oliver and Drew began installing the deck stringers and beams, dry fitting them and fastening before a final gluing.

After Brendan had finished installing the ceiling planks and getting everyone else started on their own projects, he had time to install the plywood thru hull backing plates, and drill out a couple thru hulls.  One for the engine exhaust and another for the head.  He also shaped the cockpit for the deck beam which will lay across it.  
A truly productive week.  I will be heading to Nantucket on Friday night to meet up with Alfie on IMPALA to sail her to Chatham on Saturday where she will be serviced before our scheduled race in Figawi later this month.  My first proper boat ride of the season!

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