-Week 34 PHOTOS-

Brendan cleans up g-flex after installing the gas tank mounts.

Oliver and I figure out the layout for the forward section of Okume plywood decking.

The forward deck section glued up and screwed into the floor.

A detail showing how and where the deck beams fit around the boat.  These get fastened into the sheer clamp and deck stringers.

All the deck beams are cut to size and dry fit with their fasteners in place and ready to be glued.

Oliver and I layout the aft section of plywood decking, 6 sheets scarphed together.  Here we check for a good scarph joint.

The aft section of plywood decking dry fit and ready to get glued and screwed to the floor overnight.

Alfie visits to work on the engine and survey the work.

A detail of the deck construction.  Here the deck stringer comes in to meet the sheer clamp and the deck beams lay on top side to side.

We use a long batten to check for the fairness of the sheer in preparation for cutting it down to size.

Drew uses a jig saw to cut off the excess sheer.  Check out that eye protection!

The forward plywood deck section dwarfs Drew as he shapes the sheer.

With the sheer cut, Brendan demonstrates how to fair it to match the shape of the deck beams and to keep it pleasing to the eye.

Meg finishes up varnishing the mahogany surfaces and I attach the fiddles and put them in place in the boat.

A nice detail of the fiddles on the surface and the nosing which hides the plywood core.

The end of the day Friday, all deck beams and glued in place with G-Flex and fastened with stainless screws.

Brendan and drew butter up the stern where a stern shelf will be fitted.

The Last Shot of The Week.  Brendan and Drew finish up installing the stern shelf.

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