-Week 33 PHOTOS- finishing the fiddles, installing deckbeams/stringers, dry fitting cockpit

Dry fitting the cushion fiddles.

The fancier fiddle, which will go on the counters.

A detail of the nice brass hardware.

Everyone helping move the cockpit in for a dry fit.

The engine box and adjoining seat. 

A detail of my clamping setup for the oak blocks where the stringers will tie into.

Drew installed these copper nails into the counters receiving the fancy fiddles.  The fiddles are laying on their side behind the nails and will fit into them snugly.  

A detail of the copper nail.  Notice the pointy end was ground off.

Here are the small oak blocks for tying in the stringers to the bulkheads, with a coat of penetrating epoxy.

Catching up on some missed work, I laid out from my mold the surfaces that go at the foot of each pilot berth.

Here is the same surface cut and fit.

A deck beam that has been notched into the bulkheads and screwed into the sheer clamp.  No glue yet.

This is natural bedding compound that goes between the deck stringer and each bulkhead.  This stuff will not go off like epoxy and will make it easy to remove the bulkheads later, but also prevent water from moving through.

Meg shows off her bright work at the end of the day Friday.

The fiddles for the cushions with a couple coats of varnish.

The Last Shot of The Day.  A couple coats of varnish on the fiddles I made for the counters really make them stand out.

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