-PHOTOS - Nearing the Whisky Plank

Brendan studies the molds thinking of a good way to secure a clamp.

Without having done any fairing yet, the planks are looking very nice.

As we get closer to the keelson on the starboard side, we will switch and work on the port side.  

A mans best friend: a nail set that you never miss.  

An ariel view of the stern as the planks go up on the port side.

We let the planks run long on the port side.  They will be cut at a slight angle down the center and the Starboard side planks will be fitted to them.

The view from inside the boat as Drew and I wipe up all the squeeze out of epoxy.

Drew and Dave flex a plank by hand to accommodate the twist towards the stem.

As the planks get closer to the keelson, they are cut aft to fit the skeg.

In anticipation of the last plank, Jerry has hoisted a bottle of Makers Mark high above the boat.

more and more planks on up, and the stack above the boat gets smaller.

The last shot of the week.  The planking is about 90% finished and here you can see where they butt each other at the stern.  Whisky Plank should go up mid next week.


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She looks so smooth already, I can't believe it will all be covered up!

Is that whiskey plank in yet!??!?