-Week 15 Write Up- Short Week before the holidays

On monday, we sanded the clear epoxy coats from the week before with 80 grit on a random orbiter.  This also helped fair the boat a bit.  Once that was finished, we milled the Anqelique into suitable sizes for the stem and skeg shoes.

Drew and I applied the first three layers to both the stem and skeg.  Angelique is a very hardwood and it took some effort to bend it into place.  Then, screws and blocking were used to hold it down and G FLEX epoxy to set it in overnight.  Because of the difficulties, we had to attach each laminate one by one and wait overnight for it to dry.  Luckily, we were able to get the first set started monday and have it finished by Wednesday before we took off for the holidays.

On Tuesday, a thick combination of epoxy and purple fairing compound was mixed and skreeted over the topsides.  This was sanded on Wednesday and will help us achieve that perfect fairness.  

Since the holidays were quickly approaching, I took a half day on Wednesday to allow myself to travel to the Island to see my family.  We will be back at the boatyard on January 5th.  

Happy Holidays!

Here is the short week 15 time lapse clip

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