-Week 24 Write Up- varnish and playing with the engine

Sorry for the late post.  Last week (week 24) consisted of more panel trim gluing for Oliver, Drew, and I.  by the end of the week, we started getting down to the last panel.  As usual, Oliver and I would glue the trim on, hand the panel to Drew.  Drew will sand it down to 120 grit, square up the edges and hand it off to Meg.  Finally, Meg got to start sealing the edges, staining, and finally varnishing them.  By the end of the week we had a dozen in her finishing shed.  Now we get to step back for a moment at the end of a long day and go into the finishing shed to appreciate the beauty of the work we've been doing and get an idea of what the final product will be.

Meanwhile, Brendan is fully finished with the cabin sole.  This took a little longer then expected, but the end result is something amazing.  Its nice to have a floor down in the boat that we can walk around on now.

Dave was very busy all week fitting the sail drive engine shaft in its cubby hole in the bottom of the keel.  The tight space had to be opened up, chiseled and rasped to accommodate the shaft.  By Friday, he had the shaft fitting through, but just needed to neatened things and set in the engine bed. 

No time lapse this week!

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