-Week 25 PHOTOS- Working on Bulkheads, Installing the engine, Building the cockpit sole

Meg's assembly line of varnished panels.

Brendan helps Drew, Oliver, and I work out the kinks in using the jig to find the stringer locations before we cut them into the bulkheads.

Our first completed bulkhead gets dry fit into its place before being handed over to meg and varnished.

Dave hoists the Yanmar saildrive into the boat.

He must check the height and level of the drive before fully securing it in.

The engine is attached to the shaft.

Here it is sticking out of the hole in the bottom of the keel.

Fully installed and painted with bottom paint to prevent rust/growth when underwater.

The beginnings of the cockpit sole

Brendan glues and clamps it together.

Brendan coats the teak sole beams with G-Flex.

No bungs here.  The idea is to get more life out of your sole.  Were there to be bungs, the sole would have to be replaced once the wood wore down to the fastenings.  Now, you will be able to wear it down virtually to the glue holding it on.

He uses small spacer blocks to give an accurate distance between each board.

Spacer blocks screwed in place.

The Last Shot of The Week.  Cockpit walls are added.  Okume plywood with a inside veneer of mahogany.


Alvaro said...

Wow, you guys are really good in making boat. I’m sure many hours of cutting and drilling all parts of the boat are paid off in the end. By the way there are many power tools (which I don’t know some of the tools name) that you guys used for making this boat. Amazing.

Anthony said...

Wow ... a very large ship. I can see from the many people who worked on this project. I can not imagine the time spent to make this ship. By the way how long to work on this ship?