-Week 26 Write Up- Continuing with Bulkheads, Getting Ready To Install

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week.  My trusty camera has gone missing along with all the photos I have taken over the last week.  Hopefully it will be found soon, and the pictures will be uploaded.  

In other news, this past week has been a little more of the same.  After weeks of fiddling with the bulkheads, I feel we have finally found the correct method of going about it.  We have learned to fit the plywood bulkheads into the stringers after cutting the notches from the locations found with the jig.  Fitting the bulkhead, leveling it, and pluming it to 90 degrees before even cutting the trim saves us a lot of sanding and tweaking later on.  When the bulkhead fits perfectly and we are satisfied, we then fit the trim, and cut accordingly.  Then, when the trim is glued on, there is no time spent on trying to sneak up on the correct locations and bevels.  A lot of time is saved.  Too bad we didn't come to this conclusion five bulkheads ago.  Those done previously to discovering this new method, will be a bit tricky fitting into place.

Brendan installed some beautiful and large bronze scuppers in the cockpit and Drew has been sanding bulkheads like crazy.

In the finishing shed, Meg has every saw horse and staging plank set up supporting all the panels as the varnish dries to a beautiful finish.  

Please expect a time lapse clip at the end of the month.  Once we being installing bulkheads and panels, the time lapse clips will continue to be updated weekly.

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Sandra said...

Fantastic!!!!! The coach house looks great-saw a
little bit of the roof-cannot wait to see the roof and
deck!!!!!! It really looks beautiful. What a job you
all have done!!!!!! Hope to see it in person again soon-
a trip back to Sandi's for sure too!!!xsandi