-Week 27 Photos- Final fitting of bulkheads, corner posts, mast steps and varnish

Here is a sanded bulkhead ready for its final fitting inside the boat.

The jig that we use to find the stringer locations.  This is it in is final form, which works very well.

Meg is busy varnishing the deck beams.

Meg's shed, full of panels, bulkheads, deck beams, and deck stringers to varnish.

Gluing up the trim on the last bulkhead!

Brendan's got the corner posts gluing up.  Solid Butternut with a plywood core.

Oliver and I fitting in one of the bulkheads.  Not much light coming in between the bulkhead and stringers, a good fit.

Drew puts the finishing touches on the last bulkhead to receive a thorough sanding.

Brendan shows us where to screw through the bulkheads into the blocking on the other side.  A bolt will go through this to secure it to the block which is fastened to the stringer.

A beautiful corner post attached with fastenings onto a bulkhead.

The Last Shot Of The Week.  The first bulkheads to get splashed with varnish!

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