-Week 31 Write Up- Surfaces installed, touch up varnish, and ceiling planks

With all the surfaces shaped and fit in the boat, it is time to remove the countertops and tables in order to apply an 1/8" veneer of mahogany to them.  The other surfaces which make up the bunks, will get a single coating of sealer.  All the the bulkheads that got extensions put on throughout the installation process, or any that got scuffed up were removed and the varnish was touched up and blended in seamlessly and are now ready to install for good.

The hardware arrived this week, and Brendan got busy attaching the cabinet doors, and other areas where hinges are used.  The holding tank also arrived, as well as a shipment of Teak for the decking, and Mahogany for the veneers and ceiling planks.

Oliver and I milled out the Mahogany for the ceiling planks, routed the edges, and sanded them smooth in preparation for varnish.  We were lucky enough to get to spend a beautiful friday outside to apply three coats of varnish on them.  I also got the first sunburn of the season!

Drew installed the breast hook in the bow of the boat, and did all of the touch up varnishing on the bulkheads and panels.

On a side note from the MC project, if any are interested, we had a successful haul out of one of the largest boats to be hauled at Pease, the 60 Crocker Schooner, TYRONE...quite an impressive vessel.  She was hauled out at around 11:30pm Friday night in symmetry to the highest tide of the month.

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