-Week 35 & 36 PHOTOS- plywood decking, coach house, laying up fiber glass cloth

Brendan gives us a demonstration on how to roll primer onto the plywood under decking.

Oliver and brendan work on the engine box.

Brendan and oliver deliberate over the hinge system for the engine box.

With two coats of primer and a finish coat of semi gloss white, the plywood under decking is ready to install.

Brendan installs Fir cleats for the forward hatch.

A nice view of the deck on, with hatches cut out.  No photo opportunities were available when putting it on, which was very exciting, but without incident.

Here is the port section of the coach house with port lights cut out.

A detail of the port light.

More Fir cleats are fastened to the deck to support the coach house.  These will later be fiber glassed to the deck as well.

Six inches of Fiberglass cloth was also laid over the edges of the boat all around.

Brad and Brendan pick out some Wana for me to slice up into long boards for the bulwarks.

Viewer discretion advised:  this is what happens when a Forsner Bit finds its way through your hand.  This puts Drew out of commission on the MC-30 for a while.

Brendan laying out the fiberglass cloth that will tie in the coach house cleats to the deck.

Another view of the cloth before it is smothered in epoxy.

Here epoxy has been applied and clamps and a stick is used to push it tight into the corners.

Brad and Brendan consider the work at the end of the day.

The forward port light.  Photographed when the house was dry fit in place.

Here it is glued down and fastened to the cleats.

The Last Shot of the Week(s).  Oliver tidies up the deck after gluing on the coach house.


Jonas said...

Wow...great project...
It looks very complicated when looking at the photos above, especially when he saw an injured hand when installing. But, the result is very satisfactory. Great job Oliver and Brendan...
One more thing…the photos above are very cool.

Charles said...

You are really a professional architect. I was very impressed with the results of your project. I can not imagine if I could see directly the building. I hope many projects can you post again here. Good luck