-Week 37 PHOTOS- interior and exterior coach house moulding, coach house roof and the first teak planks

Three layers of 1/4 " plywood is dry fit for the coach house roof

Setting up a fence on the routing table for the interior mahogany trim.

The beginning of what will become the interior mahogany hand holds.

After some help from Brendan on the table saw, this is the finished (sanded) result.

The coach house roof comes off after being glued together and gets some paint.

The lazarette and cockpit get trimmed in Teak.

The king aft king plank gets glued down.

As well as the fore king plank.

Brendan gets a couple coats of paint on the interior.

My first real varnishing job. Here are the mahogany hand holds.

Brendan trims out the coach house in Teak.

Here, he shows us how to chisel nibs into the king plank.

Prepping the deck with G-Flex for the first teak plank.

The Last Shot of The Week. On goes the first teak plank. Remember, no fasteners here, just those blocks you see holding the planks down.

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