-Week 37 Write Up- Making mahogany moulding, the coach house roof and installing some teak decking

This week was spent working on some tough wood work. Brendan put me in charge of making the hand holds that will line the coach house on the interior, or mahogany moulding. These are very similar to the mahogany fiddles that I made for the interior surfaces, but more complicated. Brendan came in a helped me with a difficult cut as he passed the planks through the table saw at an angle to get a certain shape in the wood.

Alfie stopped as we were fitting the plywood for the coach house roof, and we decided to add an extra layer of ¼” okume for more structure. We but joined them with a total of 3 layers of ¼”. These were piled atop each other, with a generous coating of epoxy and fastened into some false stringers that we installed strictly for that purpose.

The next day, we were able to remove the coach house roof and place it alongside the boat to sand, skim coat with micro balloons, and eventually paint. Now she is ready to be glued down and fastened perminantly.

I got my first job taking wood from bare bones, through to the final coat of varnish, which I am proud of. I sealed and varnished the Mahogany moulding and two Fir stringers for the coach house roof.

Meanwhile, Brendan had been dry fitting, and laying out where the teak decking is going to go, and figuring out the order that it will go down. He trimmed out the coach house with teak, and then later Oliver and I glued down the king planks, which run down the middle fore and aft. Brendan also trimmed out the hatches, lazarette, and cockpit lockers.

Oliver was busy skim coating the sheer and around the cabin house with micro balloons and doing a lot of sanding. The mouldings alone were a work out in themselves, being taken from 40 grit to 120.

On Friday, after a puff coat of varnish was laid on the moulding and stringers, we went full force with the Teak decking. We laid Teak down along the entire perimeter of the boat, which will give us something to push against when it comes time to filling in the rest.

I presume that next week will be spent mostly on laying up the Teak decking…something I have looked forward to for a long time.

Here is the time lapse video from 5/11-6/13:

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