-Week 38 PHOTOS- Hand holds, coach house roof, teak decking

Here is a nib in the king plank being chiseled out and with the help of a forsner bit, removed.

A clamp in the foreground helps bend the plank into place as we screw the blocks that hold it down.

Brendan and Oliver discuss how the nibs are looking.

Our trash barrel after one week of putting on teak.

A detail showing how the planks meet around the lazarette trim.

Brendan cleans up G-flex after he installed the mahogany hand holds.

A nice detail of the hand holds.

The bow section.

Late in the week, we dry fit the painted coach house roof.

And laid down some 5200 to secure it.

After cleanup on Friday, Oliver and I got a chance to relax down below.

The Last Shot of the Week. Coach house roof is on and rough trimmed, and nearly half of the teak decking is down.


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