-Week 39 PHOTOS- teak decking, dynel cloth, and plumbing

Here is where the teak planks hit the king plank in the stern, ready for glue.

Here they all are together, glued and held down.

Brendan and I rolled on some fiberglass cloth around where the coach house roof meets the coach house.

My aft section, cutting away the excess teak to follow the shape of the stern.

The finished product.

I made a mold for the curved stern teak sections.

Here they are after being cut, sanded to shape, and glued down.

Here is a nice subtle detail of where the teak plank intersects with the coach house.

Another detail of the other side where some custom fitting was needed. Oliver did a beautiful job here.

Oliver's bow section really coming together now.

The last plank where it joins the coach house is only but a sliver. Here I am scribing with a 3/16" block to get the correct shape.

Here is my little sliver plank dry fit in place.

After it is glued, it came out pretty well and finished off the starboard side of the boat.

Here is the thru hull for the engine exhaust.

A detail of the stern section where the planks pass by the cock pit and hit the lazarette.

Here, I nib the planks into the king plank in the stern. Where the pieces are so small, I can fit many at a time before I need to glue.

Brendan covers the coach house roof in Dynel fabric and epoxies it down.

Brendan installs the exterior mahogany trim.

At the end of the week, Oliver is almost finished nibbing in the foreward king plank.

The Last Shot of The week...and I am almost finished with the stern. Another day or two and the teak will be completed.

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