-Week 20 PHOTOS- working on the interior bulkheads

At the beginning of the week, the boat sits with 3 layers of clear epoxy in the bilge.  Two more to come.

Brendan working on the centerboard trunk.

All of the deck beams and cabin sole beams after two coats of penetrating epoxy.

The center board trunk before it gets glued up.

Drew removes the tape around the bilge after 5 fresh fresh coats of clear epoxy.

These are the deck stringers that Drew and I made.  Two of them had to be scarfed together in order to get a 35 foot length.

Here are the full size mylars that we used to trace out the bulkheads on the custom Butternut Plywood.

The finished centerboard trunk.

The centerboard trunk goes in the boat!

A detail of one of the bulkheads.  This drawing gives us all the dimensions we need to make an interior bulkhead.

Alfie's bulkhead drawings.  

The Last Shot of The Week.  A warm visit from some Nantucketers to check on the MC-30's progress.  Nat and Melissa Philbrick, Eric and Betsy Holch, Sandi Holland and not pictured here were Bill and Eileen Eddy.

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