-Week 23 PHOTOS- finishing the cabin sole, gluing trim to panels

Here is Brendan making Teak cabin sole planks while drew finishes up laying out the last panel on Butternut ply.

Drew made up a bunch of cleat stock out of solid Butternut to be used where surfaces rest on panels.

Brendan working on the last section of the cabin sole.

Meg joins the project and begins fairing out our two layers of Awlgrip primer.

Here is one of our almost completed panels.  The trim is fit and glued on.  Next it will be sanded to 220 grit and varnished before being installed in the boat.

At the end of the day friday we had finished fitting the last piece of trim and began what will be a huge process of gluing and clamping the trim onto the panels.

It took a lot of clamps to hold the trim down.  This will be the aft cabin berth panel.

Dave got busy cutting some height out of the engine bed so it will fit into the boat nicely.

Near the end of the day friday, Dave chisels the horn timber slightly to fit in the engine mount and brendan puts some final touches on the cabin sole.

The aft cabin panel with trim glued on and cleat fastened.

The Last Shot of The Week.  A nice perspective of the nearly finished cabin sole with bung tops sticking up.

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