-Week 21 Write Up- Cabin sole beams are fastened, all trim for bulkheads fitted, almost...

This week really flew by.  Which seems kind of odd since we were stuck with the same task and what seemed like a never ending goal of fitting custom pieces of trim to the interior bulkheads as Alfie has specified.  What seems like a simple task, is actually quite time consuming and requires much patience in order to get a nice fit.  Otherwise, you will have sloppy lines and open gaps in all the trim pieces.  After a solid week, we finished all the bulkheads we could, with the exception of a couple which we have some size questions that need to be answered by Alfie.  

All of the dimensions for the bulkheads have come from Alfie's mind, taking into consideration where each drawer, door, or shelf will land inside the boat.  All the while keeping the flow of the wood from panel to panel and from bulkhead to bulkhead consistent and pleasing to the eye.  So naturally, there are a few corrections that get updated during the week by Alfie, which means we may have to slice an inch off here, or maybe add a couple inches here, so that everything will line up when they eventually get installed in the boat.  Because of this, we only have two more bulkheads to place in our finished pile.  

On Friday, we had completed what we could with the bulkheads and started moving on to the panels.  If you think of bulkheads as lying perpendicular to the boat, the panels will be lying parallel, fore and aft, or the "sides" of the interior.  

As we progressed on these, Brendan was busy again with the cabin sole beams.  By Friday, he had them all place, glued, and fastened.  Now we are ready to start figuring out if these bulkheads will land exactly where they are suppose to on the stringers.  If not, the corrections will be made, cut, and then we cat start gluing together the trim.  

Hope to see some people at the boat show this weekend, and the time lapse clip will be up later this weekend.

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