-Week 22 Write Up- making panels, gluing on trim, and installing the Teak cabin sole

Drew, Oliver, and I had finished cutting out and fitting trim to all the Bulkheads by the end of last week, and now begin to work on the panels.  Unlike the bulkheads, where we used full size mylars to trace the dimensions onto the plywood, with the panels, we have to convert Alfie's 1/8'' scale drawings into life size panels.   It's not as easy and fast as using the mylars and tracing, although Alfie has made it simpler by giving us to scale drawings and all the dimensions needed, and its a good thing, because these panels need to be very accurate.  First, the lines are transposed onto the plywood sheet, the trim is all layed out, then it is scored with a razor knife and cut out with a jig saw.  Then, the rough edges are sanded down until the pencil line is cut in half.  These panels are then brought over to the table, where we work on fitting trim, just like we had with the bulkheads.

We are about 80-85% finished with the panels, and have already begun gluing up the trim to some of the panels.  At first, we tried gluing up a small door with G-Flex, but the G-Flex was very slippery and every time we tried to hold a trim down to the plywood with a clamp, it would shift the trim around.  It took Oliver nearly thirty minutes just to get four small pieces of trim down onto a small door.  So we asked Alfie if carpenter's glue would do, and we gave it a try on the next large panel with its too small doors.  This glue tacks up very quickly, around 5-10 minutes which really holds the trim together and allows us to get some pressure down without the trim shifting slightly.  After the first one, we figured out a good system, and the next two went much quicker.  

The carpenter's glue may not be as strong as G-Flex, but these are not structural pieces of the boat either.  And the carpenter's glue does have weather resistant qualities and will work fine for this job.

Brenden spent the week working on the cabin sole, and will be for the next week.  He has installed the forward section of the Teak beams that will make up the sole.  After sizing, cutting, and dry fitting, by the end of the week, he had them glued in with G-Flex, fastened with stainless screws, and beautifully bunged.  Next week, he will work on the aft section while Drew, Oliver, and I prepare to install the bulkheads.

Sorry for the lack of time lapse clips, I will work on getting them up later this evening.

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