- Week 22 PHOTOS - making panels, gluing trim, installing the teak cabin sole

Brendan takes measurements and begins dry fitting the cabin sole.

He uses washers as spacers to get an even seam between all of the Teak sole boards.

This is a panel that has the trim being glued and clamped down.  The two large holes will be for doors.

Here are some of the cabin sole floor boards being glued.

At the end of the day Thursday, we were gluing one panel, its two doors (on the left) and two plywood panels together.

Oliver and I spent the day Friday sanding the panel that had the trim glued on and the two doors. 

After 220 grit sand paper, the end result is a very smooth and soft finished butternut panel, or in this case a door.

On Friday, Brenden glues the cabin sole in and fastens it to the sole beams.

The Last Shot of The Day.  Brenden walks away from a week of installing the cabin sole.  Next week he will work on the aft section of the sole where there will be a slight step down.

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