-PHOTOS Week 10- 6th laminate layer, going on 7

We begin the week by removing the old blocks and fairing the layer put on last friday.  

Drew dry fits and spiles a laminate for the 5th layer.

looking down onto the first laminate of the 7th layer.  This board will just us our angle fore and aft for the following boards and was one of the most difficult to bend thus far.

Here, you can really see the stress on some of these laminates.  Particularly the furthest one to the right.

Brendan shapes the end of a laminate to butt it in against the two layers of fiberglass at the stern.

Dave sounds each laminate layer with a rubber hammer looking for any voids or air pockets that may have formed under the laminates.  If any are found a hole is drilled and thickened epoxy is injected with a syringe.  Not many have been found.

Drew and Dave work on dry fitting the 7th layer of laminates at the stern.

The 6 layers of 1/8th inch Fir laminates.  This boat will be able to break ice when it is finished.  These 6 layers will get covered with two more that span the entire boat.

Looking down at the stern of the boat, where the laminates take a sharp bend up the skeg.  Most of them allowed the bend, but some needed to cut to fit.

Here, the laminates at the stern are wiped with alcohol after being glued and stapled.  Notice all the blocks with screws holding the laminates down at the severe bend at the skeg.

The Last Shot of The Week.  6 laminate layers are glued and stapled forward of the aft end of the keelson, and we've begun the 7th layer at the stern and skeg that will eventually cover the entire boat.

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peter@how to study said...

Thank you for a detailed explanation. Didn't realise so much effort needed to go into making a boat!