- Week 7 Write Up - The whisky plank is in sight

Another week of planking has past and we are now in sight of the last plank.  As we near the keelson, the planking gets trickier and trickier.  We become unable to clamp onto the sturdy oak frames and instead have to reverse clamp against the stem and use screws to hold the planks tight to the molds.  

With a little bit of brawn, the planks can be bent and twisted to get the right shape fairly easily while someone follows with clamps, nails, or screws.  Instead of putting up eight planks per day, like we had been before, we now get up five.  

What also slows us down is that each plank needs to be hand cut in the stern where the planks from the port side meet the starboard side planks.  Soon, the last plank will go on, celebrated by a bottle of Makers Mark whisky courtesy of Mr. Gerard Lambert.

*UPDATED* week 7 clip is up:

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