- PHOTOS WEEK 9 - Cold Molding the MC-30 hull

On monday, after a quick fairing of the fiberglass, we were quick to begin attaching the 1st layer of Fir laminates as you see here.

A gap in between the 1st layer of laminates exposes the beautiful cedar planks while we glue and staple.

Brendan staples on a Fir laminate for the 1st layer.

The first of 44 laminates of the second layer on the STBD side.

Brendan and Drew fit on the first couple of laminates for the 2nd layer.

A nice profile shot showing the second layer of cold molding laminates on top of the 1st layer.

The process of dry fitting the laminates.  here the second layer is complete on the right, and the left is being attached on top of the 1st layer.  Eventually, we are able to use the trimmings as the laminates get smaller and smaller towards the ends.

Dave wipes down the squeeze out from the 2nd layer of laminates.

Here you can see how we take off one laminate from the 2nd layer, exposing the 1st layer, in order to glue and re staple it to the hull.  Taken from ontop of the keelson.

Here is the second layer of laminates from ontop of the keelson Friday evening.

The 2nd layer of laminates held in by plastic staples and plastic coated screws with blocking.

The Last Shot of The Week.  the boat has its first two layers of Fir Laminates on.   On Friday, we began gluing and stapling the 2nd layer, where you see the wet wood in the shape of a triangle.

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