Week 10 Write Up - 6 laminate layers plus aft section

Sorry for the late post on Week 10.  It was another week of attaching the cold molding laminates.

By the end of the week we have 6 layers working up to the stem where each layer gets smaller and smaller.  We've also begun gluing the 7th layer starting in the stern.  The hardest part was working the bend from the chine up the hull and bend where the skeg goes up.  One board has to make both of those angles, which are the sharpest in the boat.  

Also, in between each new layer of laminates, the hull is percussion sounded with a small hammer to check for air pockets.  If any are found, and not many have, a small hole is drilled and epoxy injected with a syringe.

I am keeping a tally of how many laminates get put on, and we're already over 400 boards.  I thought of keeping track of how many staples, but that would be nearly impossible to keep track of.  

Next week my friend and fellow IMPALA sailor Oliver will join us for a few days.

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