Week 11 Photos - Oliver's first day, more laminates and fairing

The start of our week.

Drew set up with the belt sander.  First, the sharp edges where power planed off.  Then they were belt sanded, and then went over with a file board.



The finished fairing of the 6 laminates that were stacked on top of each other.  Each layer was faired back about 6 inches.  You can see how each layer crosses the next.

Brendan spiles a laminate and oliver checks the blocking at the turn of the bilge.  Here, the laminates are being dry fitted, soon to be lathered with epoxy glue.

Some of the tools we use, and a different perspective.

Here we begin to cover up the last bits of cedar planks.  You can really see how flexible that Fir laminate is!

The Last Shot of The Week.  Oliver wipes up the last of the glue from the 7th laminate layer.  This is the first layer to cover the entire boat, and the second to last layer.  These are full length laminates going from keelson to shear.

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