-PHOTOS- Whisky Plank, Fairing, Fiberglass

Brendan fits in a small cedar plank aft of the skeg.

Here, the planks are complete in the stern.  The meet each other beautifully, rounding the skeg.  The clamp is holding up the table where we stored the planks on top of the boat.

The starboard side of the boat is completely planked, and only a few more to go on port.  Notice the beautiful fir blocking installed under the keelson to prevent water from getting trapped in an unreachable spot.

The second to last plank gets screwed in.  Above that, the last plank will be put in place, covering the last bit of darker wood which is the keelson.

Here it is apparent that there is no more space for planking!

Two full days were spent fairing the boat.  Starting with the belt sander.

A footprint left in cedar dust during the fairing process.

Brendan opens the bottle of Maker's Mark in celebration of putting on the last plank Tuesday.

Here, she is all faired out, and you can notice the shaping done to the area below the keelson where the saildrive engine shaft will come out. She is ready for fiberglass.

After Alfie's visit, we were able to adjust the location of the centerboard slot, and cut it out of the keelson.  Later, we removed the molds inside so we could drape fiberglass cloth down.

Cutting to size the fiberglass cloth and marking its location on the skeg, keelson, stem, horn timber, and stern.

From inside you can see the fiberglass cloth hanging down through the center board slot/keelson.

The last shot of the week.  The boat is all faired, and any low spots have been filled with thickened epoxy.  The keelson has two layers of cloth and the stem has one layer.  In the foreground, the cloth for the skeg, horn timber, and stern rests before being glued. (these get put on by Brendan and I on Saturday)

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