- Week 29 PHOTOS - finally installing the finished bulkheads and panels.

Here are all of the bulkheads, finished with three coats of varnish and ready to install in the boat.

By lunch time on monday, every single bulkhead was installed in the proper locations.

A detail forward, where the bulkheads land on the stringers and in some cases the cabin sole.

A detail of the head, looking aft, with the chart table and hanging locker to the left.

With all the bulkheads installed, we begin installing the panels.

An alternate view of the interior bulkheads.

Detail of a corner post where it meets the cabin sole

Oliver, Drew, and Brendan use the model to solve a location issue.

Here, two bulkheads are clamped together to tighten up on the panel in between.

Here is the galley surface that I worked on.  This is where the ice box will go, with the stove to the right and cabinets above.

The forward berth in the forepeak.

When all the panels were installed, we had to remove them in order to clear up a few issues, such as installing Fir cleats, as Drew is doing here.

1" x 3/4" cleats are glued and fastened to the panels in the appropriate locations

The Last Shot Of The Week.  On Friday, Oliver finishes gluing on one of the last cleats.  The panels will start going back in the boat on monday, this time under Alfie's supervision.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Hi Conner and Oliver-the interior looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I LOVE it-the color is great and the woodworking is
unbelievable!!! You all have done just an incredible
job. All the varnishing makes the butternut look
so rich-looks great against the floor and sides too.
Cannot wait to see it in person. It is especially ex-
citing for me to see this stage of the work. Now it
really looks like "home." Hope to see more pictures
and to see you SOON!!xsandi