-Week 29 Write Up- Installing the finished bulkheads and panels.

This marks the end of a very exciting week. After a month of gluing and fitting trim on the interior bulkheads, the time finally came to begin installing them in the boat. After moving so slowly for such a long time, installing the bulkheads was very refreshing. By lunch time on monday, we had every bulkhead installed in their proper locations. It went so quickly because of all the preparation we had given them in the weeks before. All we had to do was simply fit them into place, apply some silicone, and slip a bolt through and tighten the nut. Once they were all in, we could begin fitting in the panels.

The panels are a bit trickier then the bulkheads because they have to fit in between, and in a perfect world, all our measurements and cuts would be 100% correct and they would simply fall into place. However, in reality, this is just not the case. Each panel has to be given some time fitting and fudging to get it into its correct spot. By the end of the week, we had mostly every panel in the boat and her ambiance was starting to show through.

Alfie stopped by on Friday to see our progress and noticed a few errors in our placements. In order to correct these, we had to remove all the panels and install the Fir cleats that we otherwise would have tried to install in place. The method of installing them first and then fitting the panel in the boat will help us line up all of the trim and have the panels in the right spot. So Friday was spent removing panels and installing 1" x 3/4" Fir cleats in the specified locations on the panels. These cleats will be used to fasten panels to bulkheads, and also support the weight from the surfaces. The panels will be ready to go back in the boat on monday. Thanks again for checking in.

Here is march's time lapse clip:

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