-Week 30 Write Up- Installing the surfaces, cleats

After getting all the bulkheads and panels installed and situated, it was then our task to custom fit the surfaces for the bunks, settees, and counter tops.  All of these surfaces, especially the bunks, needed some sort of specialized cleat along the hull where the frames and stringers are.  I worked mainly on making a new counter top for the galley, because when we re-installed the panels, things had shifted.  Then, I began shaping, leveling, and installing the cleats for the aft cabin bunk, a fairly daunting task for someone of my boat building skill.  The cleats curve and have bevels cut into them for the surface to land on.  Where they meet the hull, they are split up into two sections because a single piece would not take the bend.  since it is so long, the shape of the hull raises one end of the cleat up on the frame, so a wedge is needed to hold it down flat.  A jig of two straight edges clamped together so you can extend it as you need is used to find level throughout your cleats, and once all this is done, with only your two hands, the cleats are screwed into the frames.  I am still not finished with the cleats in the aft cabin, but expect to have the surfaces layed down early next week (4/20-4/25).

Meanwhile, Oliver and Drew work on the surfaces in the forepeak and main saloon.  Brendan installed the water tank cleats and began working on the strapping which will hold it down.

Pictures next week!

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