-Week 28 Write Up- Sanding, installing chain plates, and mast steps

Sorry again for the late post.  This post corresponds to last week (week 28).  We spent most of the week focusing on the finished bulkheads.  They were sealed with a penetrating epoxy on the edges only, then stained, before being varnished.  Because of a time constraint, instead of sanding in between each coat of varnish, we applied three coats on top of each other, then sanded it down to apply the final coat.  It was nice spending a few days in the finishing shed with Meg doing some sanding for a change, since we had spent the last month gluing and fitting trim.  Now we could finally see some of our hard work turn into objects of beauty.

By the end of the week, Brendan had constructed mast steps for both the main and mizzen masts out of Locust, a very strong and heavy wood.  Perfect for such a high stress area like a mast step.  I stayed late on Friday to help Brendan install these in their locations on the stem and horn timber while he installed the chain plate blocking for both masts as well.

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