-Week 31 PHOTOS- installing surfaces, hardware, and building the mahogany ceiling planks

Here is the surface that will make up the starboard bunk.  

The aft cabin desk.

Here is the STBD water tank and strapping that will hold in in place.

Here I will take you through my project of building the aft cabin bunk.  1st: layout and shape cleats so that they provide a level space for the surface of the bunk to land on.

2nd: install a cross beam approx. half way between for added support.  This is also level and plumb and as you can see here, it ties into a stringer.

After using a jig to find all the distances and shapes to be cut out to accomodate the cleats and trim, the plywood is cut and placed in.  The aft cabin is made up of two pieces...

Here, the first piece is in on the right, and my jig is set up for the second piece on the right.  Small sticks are hot glued to a larger board to find all the points.  These points are then connected and traced onto the ply.

A detail of the jig in a difficult area.

Another detail of the jig to get the spacing around the trim.

The bunk is finished.  It is also strong, level, and fits pretty well.

Unfortunately, I only had a moment to rest.

The bronze hardware arrives and Brendan gets busy installing the cabinet doors.

In go the galley cabinet doors.

A shipment of Teak arrives for the decking.

Oliver and I mill out some Mahogany, 2 1/2" with rounded over edges to make up the ceiling in the boat.

The Last Shot of The Week.  Oliver and I got to spend the entire day Friday outside in the beautiful weather applying three coats of varnish to the ceiling planks.

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