-Week 28 PHOTOS- sanding/varnishing bulkheads, installing chain plate blocks and mast steps

Here is the last bulkhead that needs the stringer notches cut out.

The same bulkhead, with notches cut, being fit into its place in the bow of the boat.

Brendan checks for plum as we install the largest bulkhead with the corner post.

Drew sands one of the bulkheads before the final coat of varnish

A sanded bulkhead ready for varnish.

The bulkheads are sanded down to 320 grit before the final coat.

Meg hoses down the floor to get the dust to settle before varnishing.

Quite a sanding production in the finishing shed.

Drew lays on the final coat of varnish on one of the bulkheads.

A finished bulkhead.

Brendan installed these chain plate blocks for the masts.

The main mast step, made out of Locust, ready to install.

The Last Shot Of The Week.  The mizzen mast step, also Locust, installed to the horn timber.

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