-Week 40 PHOTOS- finishing the teak deck, lazarrette

Finishing up the teak planks aft between the lazarette and cockpit.

A detail of the teak wrapping around the coach house.

A detail of the nibbing in the foreward king plank.

View forward looking aft.

Forward looking aft.

A view from above, narrowing in on those planks.

My aft section almost complete.

My last piece of teak to place.

And place it I have...

View aft looking forward, all teak finished.

Another view.

Brendan fits the lazarrette hatch.

The last shot of the week. All but 3-4 teak planks are glued in place. 1/3 of the seams are sanded out and she is really looking nice.


Edmund said...

Well, this is a nice boat. But, is it for real operation or just for a show? It seems interesting to have it a try.

Charles said...

Looks like this will be a very good boat. I like the design of this boat. It seems simple but big enough for many people. Did you make this boat alone? Whether the boat is made of teak wood? And whether this boat will you use to sail or just for display only?

Reecez said...

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