-Week 42 Write Up- Sanding the Deck, making and installing the Bulwarks

This week started out by dusting off the random orbital sanders and sanding the teak deck down with 36 then 80 grit to remove the mess we left with the caulking guns. Once all the black stuff was removed, a beautiful result was shown; the finished teak deck.

Brendan finished his forward hatch and Oliver and I milled out the Wana I cut up a couple weeks ago to create the base for the bulwarks. They need to be full length, so we scarphed together two 20 foot sections. And sense the shape of the bulwarks change as the shape of the hull changes, there is a compound bevel throughout the 40 feet of Wana that constantly changes to accommodate for the shape of the sheer. Oliver did a wonderful job of shaping these with the power planer while I milled out the Cedar for the bulwarks.

Brendan was busy making a complex jig for laminating the cedar bulwarks around the aft section because of the severe shape. Once that was finished, we laminated up the two sections and Brendan shaped them to fit and scarphed them together.

The Wana was installed on Wednesday, glued and fastened to the deck. Thursday was spent shaping the Cedar bulwarks. Since the shape of the sheer changes, and it would be difficult to bend the Cedar into place, a lot of shape had to be cut into the wood using the jig saw, block planes, and finally the file board. Three sections of bulwarks were scarphed together to fit the length of the boat, and then scarphed into the laminated sections at the stern.

At the end of the day friday, the port side bulwarks were shaped and installed with glue and fasteners.

In other news, Dave drove the lead ballast to the shop so we could take measurements. Alfie brought over the silicone bronze bow piece. And the rudder stuffing box arrived. In the mail are the bow and stern pulpits.

Lots to do.

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