- Week 43 PHOTOS- Prepping Bulwarks, Locust rub rails, cockpit coaming, etc.

The MC-30 lead ballast arrives at the yard.

A detail of the scupper on the port side.

All Bulwarks are installed and faired.

Here is the silicone bronze bow fitting.

Alfie and Brendan discuss the waterways and chock fittings.

The four Aft chocks are made by Alfie out of Lignumvitae.

I got the doors open for a profile shot with the bulwarks on.

Brendan cuts out the cockpit hatches with a jigsaw.


A detail showing how the cockpit coaming corner post is held in.

Brendan prepares to glue and fasten the mahogany cockpit coaming.

And here it is finished.

Another view.

Where the two edges meet at the aft port side.

A detail showing the coaming attaching to the coach house.

Two layers of clear epoxy were laid in the waterways and inner bulwarks.

The Last Shot of The Week. Bulwarks are installed, locust rub rails fitted, cockpit lockers cut, and coach house coaming installed. A big week.

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